Digital Media Advertising

A web commercial or internet video is an eye-catching marketing presentation targeted towards the emotional side of the viewer. These presentations are dynamic in nature and may include animation, music, voice, and high-impact video. A web commercial is similar to a traditional television commercial, but designed for delivery over the Internet. Once your web commercial has been completed, it can loaded onto your website, loaded on other websites, and most importantly, loaded on Google Video, Yahoo Video, YouTube, ect.

A well-produced web commercial is designed to;

Motivate – customers to make a decision about your product or service.
Demonstrate – all the particular and relevant information about your product or service.
Communicate – why your product or service is better than the rest, or why clients should use your product or service. Communicate your story!
Educate – clients or potential clients how to properly use your product or service, or to train others how to sell your product or service.

Samples of Webcomercials
Business Commercial
Promotional Commercial
Digital Advertising

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