SEO Services For Small and Medium businesses in Central AB
We can help you get to Google's 1st page organically, we also can help yo build the backlinks you need for your business and more
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SEO Services


Web Maintenance.– This service is only available when we have develop your website usually it’s a routine check up on your website that is performed 2 times per year and only when critical updates are released, since you will have access to your website you are capable to perform these updates yourself

While doing any of our Web services we will provide different reports for you to see and evaluate, then along with our Marketing consulting Services we will plan an effective strategy to increase your website presence on the Internet.

We at IOB Media also provides a comprehensive  Marketing Consulting program to make sure your business is successful because we believe that if you are successful we are too!

SEO/SEM Services

SEO Services, SEM and Online Marketing

We will provide you with the following services, SEO & SEM keyword research, Google analytics, Visitor and Traffic Management, Web maintenance and updating & more.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEOmeans to leave a website ready for the search engines to be found, during the development or upgrading stages you will add “tools” that will make the website visible and searchable this doesn’t mean its been marketed or promoted.

SEMis the action to promote market a website, this can be thru Backlinks Social Media,Tradtional online media, paid marketing AdWords YouTube video adds, Instagram, etc. any means to promote the website in the internet to be found by the Search engines.

Key wording & Web Listing.- We will research the most appropriate keyword for your website, then we will also list your website in the most prominent directories to facilitate its search ability

important: while our Services are provided on a Mont to month basis, we strongly encourage clients to commit for at least 6 to 8 months to see results.